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2736 NW Crossing Drive, Ste. 120
Bend, OR 97703
Phone: (541) 323-3937
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Here is a list of websites you may find helpful:

Vision and Learning Website:  http://www.visionandlearning.org/

Jillian's Story:    http://jilliansstory.com/

PAVE - Parents Active For Vision Education http://pavevision.org/

COVD- College of Optometrists in Vision Development  http://www.covd.org/

The Optometric Extension Program Foundation (OEPF)  http://oepf.org/

The American Optometric Association (AOA) http://www.aoa.org/?sso=y

Vision Therapy Stories http://www.visiontherapystories.com/

The Oregon Optometric Physician's Association (OOPA)  http://www.oregonoptometry.org/

The Vision Help Blog  http://visionhelp.wordpress.com/


Check out Sue Barry's message:

Toddler and Contact Lenses:  Here is a video of one of our little 3 year old rock stars and her amazing mother teaming up to get contact lenses on her eyes.  

Here is a video of a child with convergence insufficiency and a slight mid-line shift:

Here is a somewhat long instructional video on how to teach basic visualization skills:

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2736 NW Crossing Drive, Ste. 120
Bend, OR 97703

(541) 323-3937

Fax: (541) 323-3938

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