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Elemental Evaluation

After your child has had an examination to asses eye health and prescription needs, we offer a full functional, developmental and perceptual evaluation. This work-up tells us how your child uses their eyes and brain together to process and understand their vision. It also gives us a baseline for vision therapy as we assess learning styles, evaluate motor development and their level of sensory integration. We will also perform a computerized recording and statistical analysis of eye tracking on a Visagraph.

This evaluation is required in order to design an effective vision therapy program.  If you are being referred from your primary eye doctor for possible vision therapy, this evaluation is scheduled after your initial office visit with Dr. Gabby or Dr. Amanda.

After this information is collected, the vision therapist and the doctor will meet and review the findings. Then a conference will be scheduled to discuss the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis for your child. We take special care to develop a treatment plan that is effective and achievable, keeping in mind family dynamics and scheduling issues. We ask that all parents or guardians be present for this meeting, but no children. 

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2736 NW Crossing Drive, Ste. 120
Bend, OR 97703

(541) 323-3937

Fax: (541) 323-3938

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