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elemental eyecare

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2736 NW Crossing Drive, Ste. 120
Bend, OR 97703
Phone: (541) 323-3937
Fax: (541) 323-3938

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Gabby Marshall, OD, FCOVD and Amanda Balsalobre, OD, FCOVD are behavioral Optometrists who specialize in the treatment of convergence insufficiency, focusing disorders, eye tracking dysfunctions, reduced depth perception, strabismus (exotropia, esotropia, lazy eye) and amblyopia.  Vision therapy includes treatment for retained primitive reflexes, sensorimotor dysfunction and visual perceptual deficiencies that can affect reading, sports, and school performance. 

Elemental Eyecare is Central Oregon’s only pediatric vision clinic specializing in optometric vision and eye health evaluations, vision therapy for binocular vision dysfunctions, sports vision training and neuro- optometric rehabilitation (brain injury, traumatic birth) for all ages.  We are children's vision specialists, but see kids of all ages, with services including eye exams for babies, starting at 6 months, toddler exams and yearly routine exams for school aged children.  We will also examine any adult willing to earn a bouncy ball at the end of their exam.   

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2736 NW Crossing Drive, Ste. 120
Bend, OR 97703

(541) 323-3937

Fax: (541) 323-3938

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